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lighting questios...

I have kept a Dupla tank for 11 years with my own light hood (plywood 1/2")
with 6 40W flouresents. The hood is held up on the sides of the aquarium
about 7" above the lip of the aquarium ( I have had lots of emersed growth
and a couple of philadenderms growing out of the tank. I moved recently and
had to reset everything.
Now this tank is a bit of a oddball being 60"L X 18"W X 19"H and has no
centre brace. The 40W lights are staggered and therefore the ends of the
tank receive less light.

I thought about changing the lighting:

I have looked at CF but I would need 2X96W (36") plus 2X55W(24") to fill the
Using 40W flouresents I find I need to change the bulbs apx. every 6months,
now do CFs act the same ?
I am mainly looking at a cost /benefit.
 The 40W cost $10 to $20Cdn each or $60 to $120 per set, CFs are 2X30 + 2X54
or $170Cdn per set( but a lot more light ((Any one know a Canada supplier
for CFs??)).

Finally does any have any experience with the Hamilton Pendant (or any
others) Halides. It would seem I could use two 150W or two 175W. This would
certainly fufill any emersed growth tendencies I have. I do have a certain
worry about glare since this tank is in the living room.

Thanks for any advice.

Bill Lynn