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DIY Hood Design Help

My husband is willing to help me build
a hood for my 75 gallon aquarium.  He is
gone on business freqently and I need a
hood that is easy for one person to take
off the tank for maintenence.  One thing
I don't want is to have the lights
suspended over the tank.  The tank is in
the living room and that would be a 

I am debating between a hood where the
whole top lifts up with the lights attached
or the kind where a hinge is in the middle
of the hood and the whole front can open.
I would like to be able to easily reach to
the bottom of the tank so I don't have to
take the whole hood off that often. 

If anyone has any ideas on this I would appreciate them.  

One other thing.  If there is a wood trim
around the top rim to support the hood it 
adds several more inches that you have to
reach over to get into the tank.  Is there
a way to design around this so that the
hood is supported but you can easily reach
into the tank without getting on a stool.
I am 5'4".


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