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Re: Why no good fish/plants in DC (was getting plants LFS vs. online)

Lazarus Miskowski <lazmiskowski at yahoo_com> said:
> If you are interested in improving your LFS, go there,
> and tell them what to do.  Set them up with a
> wholesaler, suggest what plants to order, etc.  Sell
> them on the idea that customers will come, if they do
> it right.

Absolutely agree! And it wouldn't hurt for the LFS
to set up a good display planted tank in the store
(they could hire you as a consultant?!). That's how
I got hooked on aquatic plants. I saw a beautiful
display planted tank at the Aquarium Center in
Baltimore. It pulled me into the hobby with the
force of a supermassive black hole. (For y'all
familiar with the store, I'm talking about Gloria's
massive tank at the back of "dry goods").  Ever
since then, I've spent enough money at that store
to put someone's kid through college.  :-)


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at home_com