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Why no good fish/plants in DC (was getting plants LFS vs. online)

I think there are a lot of "why" questions that could
be asked about D.C.  Oops!! Off-topic...

I can't speak for Austin or D.C., but I will say that
Houston has a pretty nice LFS, plants-wise.  Most of
the plants I have, I obtained there.

Most LFS's have one or two tanks of plants.  Not
*rows* of tanks with plants, like this place.

I believe a substantial portion of their income comes
from plant-interested customers.  They have great,
knowledgeable employees (20+ years in hobby).  They
have it figured out.  D.C. hasn't, apparently.

If you are interested in improving your LFS, go there,
and tell them what to do.  Set them up with a
wholesaler, suggest what plants to order, etc.  Sell
them on the idea that customers will come, if they do
it right.  Sounds like doing that once, would take the
same effort as driving 50 miles.


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