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Re: Where can I get rocks?

I'm in Austin, and the natural rock formations here are mostly limestone.
Farther west, pink granite, even though they call it Marble Falls. One of
the stone supply places here imports a type of sandstone that is obviously
river washed since they are all smooth. (You have to wander into the back
corners of the yard to find the odd stuff - just tell them you're a
landscape architect and you don't like to be accompanied when you are
creating, they'll usually leave you alone, especially if you fake a twitch.)
Each rock is a different color - dark blue, purple, orange, green, sand.
Sizes vary from double fist to watermelon. They pass the acid test (no
fizz). If you want a rough texture, sandstone is relatively soft and can be
broken with a sledge hammer. Buy bigger than you need and break it down,
preferably while singing prison songs. But I'd suggest using the sledge
*before* you put the rocks in your tank.