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Re: Where can I get rocks?

I have rock from Feller Stone which is mostly forms of quartz, petrified
wood,obsidian. We had a discussion here a littlewhile back on what forms of
rock are suitable. Roger gave much valuable info in this regard. "Pagoda"
rock is one that offers interesting asthetic possibilities. Roger hadnt
heard of this street name to be able to tell us specifically what type of
rock or mineral it is, but here is a picture

Here is a description I found on HBH WEB site that may give a clue to what
it is: BTW, it is an EXTREMELY heavy rock.

"Pagoda Stone
In the Far East, Pagoda is a tall-multistoried structure made out of stone
usually associated with a Buddhist temple complex. Pagoda Stone is an
appropriate name for this majestic round-stacked tower of Iron and
sandstone. The wind and water have etched away at this stone creating steps
and plateaus leaving one of the most interesting rock shapes imaginable.
Like Buddhist decorating their temples with Pagoda, you can decorate your
fish tank with these beautiful Pagoda stone duplicates."  BTW, these are not
hand carved or manufactured, but is all natural sculptured by the forces of

Feller offers this as well, but not quite as well sculptured as this
picture. I know a distributor of HBH, so I can probably get theirs as well.

Robert Paul Hudson