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Re: Madagascar Lace

>From: "Michael Eckardt" <mike at odg_com>
>All I'm saying is that there must be different varieties of lace plants 
>with respect to their growth habits.
>In addition(?), there are at least four different varieties as to size:
>The large variety with 10-12"  leaves and the small variety with 6" leaves
>are both available in the hobby.
>My guess is that the larger plants can survive without a resting phase
>because larger plants can survive in deeper water and may not experience
>seasonal droughts.

This makes a good deal of sense.  In fact, the plants that wouldn't stay 
down for the dormancy were the larger ones that I got from a different 
source.  I wonder if it might also be a single variety that pursues 
different strategies depending on how big it is.  If it's small, then 
during the rainy (dark) season it goes dormant, but as they get bigger and 
produce bigger leaves (i.e. taller) they can hold on during the rainy 
season as well.  as seems to be the case so often, it depends.....