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Excitement and fear.

     I'm doing it!
     I fished my saltwater fish out of my 100 gal. tank, took them to my LFS, 
and traded them in on 6 bags of Flourite Red.  My next steps are draining and 
cleaning the tank, putting in the new substrate and driftwood, and getting my 
canister filters ready.  I won't add water until I figure out how/where to 
get plants, and until I get the CO2 ready.
     All this advanced chemistry talk has me concerned that this foray into 
your world is a mistake.  I hope not. 
     Does anyone have a recommendation for the best (simple) books to get 
this on track?  Reading the posts on chemistry is like reading Greek.  I'll 
add your recommended books to my Christmas list.
     Also, should I get plants from LFS or pay about 1/3 less online?  Is 
Arizona a good bet?  
     Thanks, veterans.  
David Brown

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