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re: Madagascar lace

I obviously can't comment on every thing you read. All I'm saying is that
there must be different varieties of lace plants with respect to their
growth habits.

In addition(?), there are at least four different varieties as to size:
The large variety with 10-12"  leaves and the small variety with 6" leaves
are both available in the hobby.
And, according to Kasselmann, there are two more: a giant with leaves 24"+
and a dwarf with leaves of 1".

My guess is that the larger plants can survive without a resting phase
because larger plants can survive in deeper water and may not experience
seasonal droughts. The smaller plants have to life much closer to the waters
edge (for light) and are subject to seasonal water level fluctuations. Those
plants are adapted to the "dry" dormancy phase.
An alternative explanation is that the dormancy is not the result of lower
water levels during the dry season, but the result of higher water levels
during the rainy season. Suddenly  they are submersed much deeper and cannot
receive as much light. These (again, smaller) plants may need a resting
phase in darker, cooler, submersed conditions. The larger plants with their
long leaves and long leave stalks may not be as affected.

Michael Eckardt