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A Question for you to Ponder (continue pondering, please)


I like to thank all those who responded to my post about women in
the East not taking to the hobby in as large numbers as women in the
West.  I would write about my thoughts on this syndrome but I'm
running out of time.

Will be leaving tomorrow night with my family for a one week vacation
in Haadyai, Thailand.  Will be spending my time there on an island called
Koh Li Pai.  I'm expecting sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, open
swaying coconut trees - you catch my drift?  Have to get there fast and
then take
it slow.

In the meantime, please continue to ponder about my question.  Will
try to give an answer to everyone who gave his or her opinion when I

See you all in a week's time, folks.  Eat your hearts out :)

Loh K L