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Re: Re Osmocote evaluation

At 09.48 04/12/2001, you wrote:
>Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 20:10:32 -0500
>From: "James Purchase" <jppurchase at rogers_com>
>Subject: Re Osmocote evaluation
>To make clay balls for your substrate, [cut]

thanks so much, James! You gave me a lot of useful informations! :-))I will 
go fot the "terracotta" pathway and I'll look for it in yellow pages.

>Just DON"T go overboard with the OSMOCOTE.

YEP! I'll be on the caution side! :-))

>There is a APD list member (sorry, I can't remember his name) who sells a
>small device which speeds up the process - his company's name is "Plant
>Guild"  (http://www.familychest.com/plantguild/index.html).

this is quite interesting too, I'll ask if they can ship to Italy as well.

thanks very much! :-0)