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Re: Shipping Plants

>Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 15:45:25 +0000
>From: "Joe Anderson" <the_submariner at hotmail_com>
>Subject: shipping plants
>Order some plants from Loh Kwek Leong when he is able to ship out again, and
>you'll see the best method ever!

Joe, thanks for saying that my method of shipping plants is the best ever but
I think I should clarify 2 things.  First of all, I'm ready to send the
moss anytime.
I know it's pretty cold over in the US of A and Canada now but it's highly
unlikely the moss would freeze over during the journey.  An American
received a
package from me 2 weeks ago and although he didn't exactly said so, I
believe the
moss was in good condition when it reached him.  So don't hesitate to write
me for
your free moss if you are planning on or have already made a contribution to
the defense fund.

Secondly, my moss is not for sale.  I'm saying this because the word
"order" in
your message seems to suggest that I'm in this commercially.  I'm a
hobbyist, has
always been one and I hope, will always remain as one.  The only time I made a
"profit" from my plants was when Dave Gomberg sent me a dozen free issues of
the PAM after he took the moss pictures from my website for publication in his
magazine.  By the way, thanks Dave.

Maybe when you "order" something, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are
buying it.  I'm not sure really but I also avoid using the word "ship" when I
send my moss to the good folks here.  "Ship" to me sounds like I'm a big time
aquatic plant exporter and my plants will come to you in well-packed, nicely
labelled boxes certified free of algae, slugs and snails.  But all I do,
really, is
just send the moss in envelopes through the post office just like the way I
send any letter.  My English sucks, I know, so I could be wrong on both counts
about "order" and "ship".

Is there a Professor Higgins on this list?

Loh K L