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Re: planted mag....

Hey all,

<Mr. Westover wrote:>
My two cents is that I would like to see the artistry
and beauty of aquaria as the focus, and technical
aspects a secondary consideration.

Author, author!.....

The only reason I give a *hoot* about the "tech" end
of this thing is that its the only way to get plants
that will live up to my artistic/aesthetic
expectations. I want American tanks, and see what you
guys (American cats) are doing with the *spaces* that
you choose to aquascape! I've poured over Amano, again
and again. I *know* that we are not so far behind the
European and Japanese cats (I'm a musician) seeing as
how they don't seem to appreciate *our* contribution,
and it's all aesthetic!

The "tech" stuff is critical for our success, but
shouldn't be our focus or I think we've lost sight of
the prize..... 

What are we doing?! Thank goodness for you guys who
guide us in ways of algae control, light, nutrient
stuff, substrate this, and pH controller that, but
what about art? That livingroom eyecatcher that we all
strive for! I didn't enter my tanks into this years
AGA contest because I thought they weren't *good
enough* (shoulda entered....kick myself everyday). We
have a looong way to go, as a *culture*,in this hobby.

So, in short, <laf> I want to see more stuff about: 

layout, different materials for decor, plant species,
biotopes of our plants, plant/fish relationships
(aesthetic), American aquarists, new plants for our
tanks, aquarium clubs or organizations, etc.....

Thank you all for your knowledge. Lets get on to the
good stuff.

John Wheeler 

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