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re: RC connectors & Line Voltage

> 300V for line voltage devices is a safety margin--but ballasts raise
> the line voltage.  I believe some flourescent (and other arc-lamp)
> ballasts drive the lamps at about 600v.  With Voltage it's best to err
> on the side of caution.  So you might want to wrap connectors rated for
> a lower voltages in insulating tape.  That makes them less quick to
> connect or disconnect but who thinks a Jacob's Ladder is attractive on
> an aquarium.  
Metal halide sockets and connects should be pulse rated for 1500V,
iirc.  I don't know what the starting voltage is for a T5 or T8
fluorescent lamp is with an instant start ballast, but I'll bet it is
close to 1000V.  So 600V connectors are probably OK, but they are also
probably marginal.  Just be careful.

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