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re: Lotus from seeds

My e-mail server is down -- possibly for 2 months :-(
Let's try this again from a different server.  Note the new address.

> <<Has anyone tried germinating lotus seeds from the dried seed pods you
>  buy at craft stores? I keep reading how lotus seeds can remain viable
>  for 1000's of years.  Maybe even 10000.  Are the seeds in those pods for
>  dried flower arrangments still viable or have they been cooked or
>  irradiated to kill them?>>
> As I understand it, they're still viable, but here's my question: What the heck do they look like? Everyone seems to know what these pods are but I've never seen one and would certainly like some in my pond (if it ever gets warm again ...). Anyone have a picture?
> -Molly & the fish

Click on this link and it will bring up several thousand hits.  The
first couple have good pictures:

Best regards, :-)