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females in different cultures and aquaria

Well, this is a loaded question, isn't it?  One can only get into trouble with this discussion since comments from the U.S. will probably generally reflect our ignorance of culture outside the states.

But, here is a brave (stupid) attempt at answering the question as to "why more Asian women do not take to the aquarium hobby?"  I would hazard that it has to do with free time and with the perception of how much of that can be spent on one's own interests.  Perhaps Asian women have less free time and also a strong sense of duty to their families.  Gardening outside probably has a practical (food-related) side, though flowers could be grown as a sideline (wild guess) for beauty.  This is opposed to aquaria which have no practical value at all, but lots of aesthetic, educational, and other values.  (Used here, "practical value" refers to things that increase one's ability to survive and thrive).

What is the educational level of "most" Asian women? (Huge speculation required here).  I would imagine a minimum educational level would be needed to accomodate 1) the income needed to sustain the hobby, and 2) the interest and knowledge needed to deal with the technical aspects, which are inescapable.

Actually, K.L., you probably can answer this question better than anyone here.  Perhaps others in Asia would take a crack at it?

Roxanne Bittman, a female for sure