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RE: A Question for you to Ponder

>I have my own theory.  I think it's got something to do with being


Here is my reason for my wifey not being very interested and yes she is very
liberated especially when it comes down to her opinion about my hobbies
(fish and 4 wheeling).

In the last two years I have spent about $3,000-$4,000 on my 55 gallon tank.
Mostly on lights and filters that just did not cut it.  So the amount of
money that I have taken away from the shopping that the wifey wants to do is
the reason for her not being very interested.  Now that I have figured out
some things regarding the tank I know I can do another one for a fraction of
what it cost me.

The water on the floor from two different tanks splitting open did not help
out much either.  So with this in mind how many husbands and boyfriends have
ruined there ladies floors and spent money that could have been used on cool
clothes?   :o)

Dave Berryman