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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1447

I believe that there are a number of lace plants
species/variants/cultivars/whatever which have different cultivation needs.

I have a WEED of a lace plant with a tuber the size of 1/2 a coke can, four
crowns (growth points) from which dozens of leaves sprout. Interestingly,
only after cutting all the roots off did it start to flower (five stalks).
The substrate is 3" deep, a few years old, the light 100 W over a 62 gal,
and the temp is in the high 70s, often in the low 80s.
The thing has been growing and dividing for a number of years now without
any seasonality that I have noted, and I can do to it what I want, it just
won't die.
Perhaps it's the water hardness? Mine is > 17 degrees.

I'd love to try a smaller leaved variety and see if it's my conditions or
the plants that make the difference.

But before I do that, I need some strategies raising the coming seedlings
beyond 1". Any hints?
Michael Eckardt