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Re: Against Public Participation

Scroungerly wrote:
"I'm forwarding this to the APD on request by CASC."

Mmmmm.......excuse me, I know I'm not Cynthia, and you are free to disregard
my opinion, but why can't CASC post their own comments? I have never heard
about this "organization" and to tell the truth, I don't really care to, at
least not here on the APD.

This list is about plants. We all know what is going on regarding the
lawsuit and hope that it gets sorted out by the courts in a manner which is
appropriate but nothing that anyone can say here at this point in time can
serve any useful purpose for the hobby. If you wish to discuss the
legal/moral/ethical aspects of the situation, go to compuserve's chat
forums - they have a special section set up there for just this purpose.

I would just like to see us stop slinging mud and get back to plants.

James Purchase