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Re: Mysteries of the Wood Chunk

"The first growth is a long, straw colored runner.  A small tuft of
curled...leaves, I guess...is at each node and the interval between nodes
is about 1.5 - 2 cm.  This runner is putting out another runner
perpendicular to itself.  The runner extends from a moss covered wood
chunkIt's a very interesting growth and decorative as well."

How are the nutrient levels in your tank? It might be possible for the moss
to produce a slightly odd looking section if it is under stress due to lack
of nutrients, but this is probably something else - without photos, its
impossible to tell.

"The second growth I'm seeing is what I believe to be a moss.  It is a
curious growth of an electric, pale green color and is flat and takes the
form of a "Y".  There are 4 of these "Y" growths now and they are

From the description, this sounds a lot like Riccia - its a common enough
"hitchhiker", if the tank the moss came from contained any at all. But
again, without reference to a photograph, its impossible to say for sure.

James Purchase