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Mysteries of the Wood Chunk

My Christmas Moss is looking like a forest of evergreens just in time for 
Christmas, but some very interesting growth is showing up as well.  The 
mystery lies in these growths;  Are they "new" plants (i.e., hitchhikers), 
growth forms of old ones, or visitors from another planet?  I'll let y'all 

The first growth is a long, straw colored runner.  A small tuft of 
curled...leaves, I guess...is at each node and the interval between nodes 
is about 1.5 - 2 cm.  This runner is putting out another runner 
perpendicular to itself.  The runner extends from a moss covered wood 
chunkIt's a very interesting growth and decorative as well.  I cannot be 
sure if it is the Christmas moss that's putting out the runner because the 
moss is growing on a wood piece that once had Java moss attached, so I'm 
sure there must be remnants of the JM on the wood and growing.  But then 
again, I've been growing Java Moss for a long time and have never seen this 
kind of growth.  Another possibility is E. tenellus, but I can't imagine 
growth which looks like this to be any form of it.  The only other 
possibility I can think of is the other mystery growth.

The second growth I'm seeing is what I believe to be a moss.  It is a 
curious growth of an electric, pale green color and is flat and takes the 
form of a "Y".  There are 4 of these "Y" growths now and they are 
multiplying.  My moss experience is limited to Java Moss and Willow Moss, 
so I am unable to recognize it.  Willow Moss has never been near this tank 
or anything in it, so I know that isn't it.  If it's Java Moss, well, it's 
the first time I've seen this variety of form.  Does anyone recognize it or 
the other growth I mentioned?  KL?

Oh yeah, this wood also has the narrow leaf variety of Java Fern growing on 
it.  I doubt it is the culprit in the case of either growth, but who knows?

You all may want to ask me why I don't just yank up the wood chunk and take 
a good look, but this tank has recently undergone some intense rework and 
has just now started to settle in.  One day I will have to remove the chunk 
to maintain it, but until then I'm hoping the sleuths of the APD can help 
me solve the mystery of the wood chunk.

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net