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> Anyone want to throw out ideas for a planted aquaria
> magazine that they would be interested in?
> i.e. what did PAM lack, that prevented you from
> subscribing?

PAM went away? I missed that conversation!  I greatly respected Davids
efforts in putting that together. Not an easy task.  To me, it just seemed
too much like TAG, (The Aquatic Gardener) My impression of his goal in the
magazine was to have a format that provided a factual base without fluff.
What some people would call fluff reaches a wider audience. I would have
liked to have seen more content from a wider variety of writers and subject
matter. The artistry, yes, beginer introductory info, yes, individual plant
reference info, yes, info on rare species to the hobby, yes...and on and on.
My ideal magazine would be an encyclopedia every month...more the better,
never enough!