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Re:CO2 cost

That's pretty cheap.
Many charge 10-15$ for the fill. Ice, party and beer places sometimes have
the best price. For a 10lb I get it for 8$. It's not so much how much is
added but the hassle of filling it etc for those small tanks I think. The
folks I get it from fill only my tank and do it there asap. Nice folks.
Tom Barr

> Subject: Price of CO2
> Earlier this year I was paying $5 to refill my 5lb CO2 tank.  Then, last
> month, when I went to get another refill, the fellow said the price has gone
> up to $10, because CO2 have gotten more expensive to produce.  I paid up
> because I didn't have time to look around for better prices.  But because
> the sales fellow wasn't too convincing in his delivery, I'd be interested in
> any recent experiences folks around here might have.  Have CO2 prices really
> gone up or did I get my pocket picked?