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Jeff Kropp's aquascape

Comments regarding 3rd year tank:

1. The first thing I notice is that the plants are
exquisite.  Excellent health.  Rare plants.  When
looking at this, one can imagine Jeff saying, "glass
spot algae?  hmm, never heard of it.  What is it?"

2. The arrangement of the aquascape is unique.  Bright
ends with a dark center.  This, I don't agree with. 
And for this reason:  I feel like I could a photo of
this tank into photoshop, and split the tank into
three different aquascapes.  While the ends would have
a relation with each other, the "middle" aquascape
would not fit.  Now there isn't inherently anything
wrong with this.  But to me, it lends to a lack of
overall unity in the piece.  I find the abrupt changes
in foreground to be unnatural and distracting.  To me,
floating plants have always been a problem.  I like
them, but they limit what you can do underneath them. 
I would prefer that the "middle" concept be developed
in a physically separate tank.

3.  I wish I had a closeup shot of the middle of the
tank.  I presume there is a tree stump back there, but
I can't really see it.

4.  As for the left side of the tank, I find it very
reminiscent of the dutch-style.  Manicured visual
lines that play with contrasting leaf-forms and

Looking at these rare plants, I'm reminded of myself
(and others) who in their youth have been noted to
say, "well, if I were 6' 5" I would be in the NBA
too!"  You make do with what you have.  Common plants
are pretty also.  I'm always amused with the number of
people that have said to me, "What is *that* gorgeous
fish?!"  "It's called a black mollie."  But I

Nice tank.  It has obviously given you a lot of
pressure, and your presence is noted in the design.  I
feel like I know a little about Jeff after seeing this


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