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Circulating range system

I've got a few spare ten gallon tanks I was thinking about setting up 
together as a display grouping - perhaps each one with different types of 
fish, plants and arrangements thereof. Instead of having separate heaters, 
filters, etc.for each little tank, isn't there someway I could hook them all 
together in a circuit or series so I can treat one larger body of water 
instead of several small ones?

I have a book written back in 1969 by Feroze N. Ghadially, MD, called, 
Advanced Aquarist Guide wherein the author describes a "circulating range" 
system that connects two levels of tanks together by siphons and an airlift. 
The water is maintained at a certain height by an "automatic leveling siphon" 
which is basically a loop of some type tubing with a hole in the highest part 
of the loop. The author maintains that the water in the top row of tanks will 
remain level with the hole in the top of this loop. I believe one tank in his 
system is a Daphnia only tank which, it is claimed, allows for much greater 
fish loads with little to fear in the way of pollution.

Does anyone know where I can find some additional and hopefully more current 
and detailed information or ideas for connecting and maintaining a small 
number of tanks in a series?


Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach, FL