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shipping plants

My view:

I don't ship plants in newspaper.  I put them in a
fish bag (with no free water).  I tie them off with a
rubber band, such that there is a lot of air in the

As long as the bag isn't crushed, the plants won't be

100% humidity in the bag will keep the plants in great
shape (standing water can hurt plants, IME, and Gary
Lange's experience :) ).  Plus they then are cheaper
to mail, because they weigh less.

Three days in this weather with glosso (not a
particularly soft-leaved plant) should not have
affected it.  You probably got mediocre plants that
were packed in a less-than-ideal fashion, in my

The problem with my method is that it isn't space
effective.  If you want to send a lot of plants, you
can't afford to have air taking up space.  So then
they squash them all together, like sardines.  You get
what you pay for.


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