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Re: Follow up on fungus/fin rot

A few weeks back I posted regarding fungus on my
guppy's tail.  I was unable to get hold of any of the
specific medications that were recommended to me but
was able to find a bottle of Melafix and so tried
that.  It proved to be completely successful.  It took
two weeks before the fungus was completely gone but
the guppy's tail and fins started to grow in much
before that.  The bottle says that it doesn't affect
invertebrates, plants or the biological filter.  I
didn't notice any adverse reactions from any of my
tank's inhabitants.  I did have a few plants develop
problems during this same time period but completely
attribute that to poor maintenance on my part.  I
slacked off on the DIY C02 and dosing and am
correcting that now.  Anyway, I don't how it would
work for fin rot, but am very happy with the results
in regard to fungus.

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