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Mak wrote:
"1) Do I need a needle valve? Or should I use one, whether specificallyneeded 
or not?

That depends on how closely you want to monitor your system. If you like to 
take an almost "hands-off" approach then by all means go for a needle valve. 
If you want to constantly check your regulator and see if the pressure has 
started to drop, then you don't need to get a needle valve.

"2) Is the Eheim diffuser a good one? It seems so inexpensive compared 
toothers. I'm not against saving a bit of money, but I just want to make 
sureI get the right stuff for the money.

Personally I don't like it. The ceramic disk will eventually get loaded w/ 
gunk and needs to be cleaned. I'm using Tom Barr's old CO2 reactor and ,other 
than its size issue, (the smallest size takes up too much room in my 26 
gallon) I like it. If you really want an Eheim diffusor then I'm willing to 
sell you my used one.

"3) What about CO2 resistant tubing? It's rather expensive, but is it 
worthit? Or would silicone tubing be good enough?

I dunno. There are others on this list who don't use it because supposedly 
the flow rates that we use aren't strong enough to make silicone tubings 
ineffective. I have the CO2 resistant tubing on mine though.

"4) A bubble counter? Yes or no? Easier or not necessary?

VERY useful when first making adjustments to your system and after that its 
used as an indicator that your CO2 system is working well. Yes, IMHO.

"5) What about fittings? Though I suppose the guys at the place where we 
getthe tank and regulator ought to be able to help with that, right?

Make sure that you have a system that sort of looks like the following 
(depending on whether you have a needle valve or not)-

W/O needle valve-
CO2 cylinder ~~> Regulator ~~> hose barb adapter ~~> tubing going into 
aquarium ~~>check valve ~~> CO2 diffusor/reactor/bubble counter

W/ needle valve-
CO2 cylinder ~~> Regulator ~~> valve (metering, needle) ~~> hose barb adapter 
~~> tubing going into aquarium ~~> check valve ~~> CO2 di
ffusor/reactor/bubble counter

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