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CO2 equipment questions

I am finally going to get a CO2 tank for my 55 gallon aquarium! (Thanks to
my in-laws, who sent early Christmas money!! :) ) We have located a local
source for the tank itself and the regulator, but I have a few more

1) Do I need a needle valve? Or should I use one, whether specifically
needed or not?

2) Is the Eheim diffuser a good one? It seems so inexpensive compared to
others. I'm not against saving a bit of money, but I just want to make sure
I get the right stuff for the money.

3) What about CO2 resistant tubing? It's rather expensive, but is it worth
it? Or would silicone tubing be good enough?

4) A bubble counter? Yes or no? Easier or not necessary?

5) What about fittings? Though I suppose the guys at the place where we get
the tank and regulator ought to be able to help with that, right?

Thanks for any help!

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