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Re: Critique Jeff Kropp's Efforts


My coaching is on the 3rd year of the tank.

this is a fairly good effort, but I have some problems with it.

Most of the plants are much too healthy looking, this leads to a poor 
contrast between healthy and unhealthy plants. This particular contrast is 
important because it accentuates the health of the good plants, making them 
stand out more.

The tank is optimally lit so everything can be seen. I have a problem with 
this, it has to do with maintainability of the tank, there are not enough 
dark corners for something to lay dying and rotting without being noticed.

Your plant selection is questionable, you have too many difficult and 
unusual plants in your tank. When you do this, a judge has to assume that 
this is the way that the plant should look, but does not really know for 
sure. I would recommend much more use of H. Polysperma and V. Spiralis, to 
make the Aquascape more judgeable.

Your tank is un-Amano, and all we experts know that cant be a good thing. 
You have given us a plantscape that appears to be your own creation, this 
is grossly unfair, when we have all just learned to identify what is 

Your juxtaposition of  plants of different color and leaf texture, leaves 
me confused. Either use red or/and green plants in your tanks, but dont 
confuse us with these hints of orange and pink, it is too much of a color 
palate, for me personally.

Your Fish selection, is too harmonious for a planted tank, without the 
challenge of some fish that will unpredictably eat leaves, how can your 
total plant keeping skill be judged.

The layout is overplanned, you have put too much thought into this layout, 
it smacks of perfectionism. You need to allow some elements to look out of 
control or unkempt.

Overall, I think you show some promise, but are taking this whole thing too 
seriously, back off a bit so other tanks can look better in comparison

My critique has nothing to do with your comments on my tank (I think it was 
something like "lets see it in about 5 years when you have a clue what your 
doing" ( I realize you were  being kind).