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Re: yeller gloss

> Subject: yellow leaves on glossostigma.
> I'm running a 66 gallon heavily planted tank. I've recently found some
> glossostigma and am having some success with it. The tank is receiving
> 2.42 watts of light. I'm also bubbling in 2-3 bubbles/sec of diy co2. KH
> & GH ~5, temp is 26 degrees C. All other factors are good. I have
> noticed that the plant has increased in size about 3 times. It is
> spreading out. However, there are a few leaves that turn yellow after
> about a week. It was the older leaves but now a few of the younger ones
> are starting. It isn't a problem yet, but I'm curious why this is
> happening. I'm fertilizing at half strength of tropica master grow
> weekly, adding a little extra iron and doing 50% water changes weekly.
> Suggestions on why this maybe happening?

Do you add K2SO4, KNO3? TMG at that lighting level needs to be more 2x the
recommended amount, perhaps more. Gloss requires some maintenance and decent
nutrition. Low PO4 and NO3 will hurt the plant. Just shoot for good overall
conditions. It's a fast grower so it will show signs of nutrient problems
first. Being a fast grower also means it will use lots of nutrients
depleting your water faster that your use to perhaps. Work on getting good
NO3/PO4/K levels and then add more traces. Trim the gloss also so it doesn't
pile up on itself. I let it go and then cut "sod" out in 2-3 inch squares
and then the new runner invade a week later. This keeps the sod fresh
without too much work. If you want better results you can pick the gloss
every 2-3 days and remove pieces that are getting out of hand. Lot's of work
Tom Barr