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yellow leaves on glossostigma.

I'm running a 66 gallon heavily planted tank. I've recently found some
glossostigma and am having some success with it. The tank is receiving
2.42 watts of light. I'm also bubbling in 2-3 bubbles/sec of diy co2. KH
& GH ~5, temp is 26 degrees C. All other factors are good. I have
noticed that the plant has increased in size about 3 times. It is
spreading out. However, there are a few leaves that turn yellow after
about a week. It was the older leaves but now a few of the younger ones
are starting. It isn't a problem yet, but I'm curious why this is
happening. I'm fertilizing at half strength of tropica master grow
weekly, adding a little extra iron and doing 50% water changes weekly.
Suggestions on why this maybe happening?


Have a better one.