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Re: Freedom

<< Stephen, one of the greatest duties of any society or people is to have an 
 eternal search for the truth. >>

Exactly, and you can't conduct such a search effectively without freedom of 

The price we pay for this sometimes dubious privilege is exposure to bad 
taste, bad language, bad manners and bad judgment. The beauty in this is that 
the very platform which gives voice to these unfortunate examples of 
humanity's imperfection also allow us to expose them for just what they are. 

Besides, you never know where an idea might come from or lead to...

That being said however, I'm personally getting pretty sick of reading about 
this PSWH nonsense on the list. I support the defendants in this case 
legally, financially and spiritually,


Some people obviously crave attention in whatever form it comes. 
Psychologists and schoolteachers alike know that often the best way to 
terminate a display of inappropriate behavior is to simply ignore it. For 
that reason alone, and with bravado, civil liberties and all political 
considerations aside, the idea of canning all references to 
He-who-may-not-be-named has some merit.

Besides, I'd much rather spend my rather limited free time discussing planted 

Bob Olesen