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Re: Moderating and related topics

Cynthia Powers at cyn at metronet_com wrote:

> I've been reading Steve's comments re: moderating the list and banning
> critical comments of companies and the responses to them with
> interest for the last couple of days and have been thinking them over.
> First, I am unwilling to moderate the APD.  While I understand the
> benefit of moderating some lists, I do not believe the APD is one of
> those lists.  The APD does not exist "as a safe forum for your
> vindictive ravings because you think the cost/risk/responsability of such
> behavior on the Internet is so small", it exists as an open forum for
> aquatic gardeners to exchange information and pass on knowledge.  If a
> part of that information/knowledge includes telling others about
> unsatisfactory (and satisfactory) experiences with vendors, so be it.
> The Communications Decency Act offers list and forum managers quite a bit
> of protection [Redacted]; I
> don't intend to give up any of that protection by putting myself in the
> position of controlling what does and doesn't appear on the list.
> Beside a general dislike of moderation and the the lack of time to
> moderate,  I am unwilling to assume the burden of trying to ascertain if
> what is being posted is "the truth" and the liability that that might
> incur.  
> [Redacted]
> Cynthia
> APD ListMom

Well said. I appreciate and support fully your position. Thanks again.

Dan Dixon