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strange thing

	This evening, I planted a few new pots of plants in my tank.  
They had been sitting there in their pots for a week or so, and I 
finally got around to planting them.  I also at this time put a ceramic 
pot in the tank for my loaches to use as a cave.
      Several hours later, all the fish were hovering near the surface 
of the water, breathing hard.  All the water tests came out fine.  So I 
did about a 50% water change, removed the pot,  and put a bunch 
of fresh carbon in the filter.  During this time I lost a Ram.  :(
       All I can think of, is that I squeezed some of the water from the 
wool the potted plants came in before removing the plants form the 
wool.  Could there have been something in the pots to cause this?  
Or is it more likely that it was some sort of problem with the pot?
       No other casualties yet, so I'm hopeful that the worst is past.

"and i try to laugh at whatever life brings
cuz when i look down i just miss all the good stuff
when i look up i just trip over things" ~ Ani DiFranco