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Re Osmocote evaluation

Hi Luca,

>now I'd like to you to help me in determining the exact dosage to put under
>the substrate on my new tank that I'm going to set up soon:

I have tried this in a small tank, do NOT do it!  The balls may start off
under the substrate, they don't end up staying there when you plant, and
especially when you pull things up later, so you get HUGE nitrite levels in
the water, which are very difficult to get rid of - lots and lots of massive
water changes, trying to pick out the balls you can see with tweezers, and
then repeat each time you disturb the substrate.

Putting Osmocote in clay balls works better, at least you can see the clay
and know when you've hit one; it does seem beneficial for the plants in a
non-soil substrate.

HTH, kind regards,

Susi Barber