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Re: Re: PO4

At 09.48 03/12/2001, you wrote:
>Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2001 22:08:42 -0800
>From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
>Subject: Re: PO4
>Because that seems to be about what the plants "eat", I do not care so much
>about what's in the water other than to test for a level. I "care" about the
>plant's needs.

which is really a difficult thing? you must be an eye to every kind of 
deficiency!!! E.g. how can oyu know when there is a deficiency of trace 
elements other than iron? how can you measure it?

>  Whatever level they need to grow at their best. You might
>need more than that. You may be adding more from fish food or from the tap
>water's content. You need to find all the inputs of PO4 before adding it
>blindly. A 20 L tank is tiny. Add speck(perhaps 10 fine grains) and see how
>the tank reacts. 2 watts a liter is very high light.

ok! I made some test:
PO4 (as ortho) =0.00ppm
Fe (after adding ferric citrate this morning) = 0.1ppm ; tonight after 10 
hours of lights Fe = 0.04ppm
NO3 (after adding NaNO3 this morning) = 5.0ppm ; tonight after 10 hours of 
lights NO3 = 1.5ppm
GH=~ 3d
KH=~ 3d
CO2 = 20ppm

consider that I have no fishes or shrimp.
I think I can go for 0.5ppm of PO4 tonight, and measure tomorrow morning 
before that lights go on.

Plants: Macranda is suffering for sure, its top leaves are not orange red 
as usual but very deep purple. Losing the old leaves.
Glossostigma is leaving old leaves (on which greeen/brown thread algae - 
mono filamentous - is slowly growing), and many of the new buds are verry 
pale, some are are completely white with brown spot zones (dead I guess!).
Eleocharis is growing very fast with apparently no problem.

thanks for now!