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Can the legal stuff!

> From: Dan Dixon <dandixon at home_com>
> Subject: Re: Lawsuit URL
> Read about it here:

Thanks, Dan!

I'd like to second those who suggest that we should all refrain from further
discussion of legal issues.  I should think that you might place yourself
and others at risk by discussing this particular case.  I'm not advocating
any silencing of any discussion of products, vendors, practices, etc. that
pertain to and are important for the maintenance of aquatic plants, but the
details of the actions of certain parties won't help you get those
Aponogetons to recover well from hibernation!  Perhaps those who are under
greater threat in this circumstance might found a separate (private) forum
for communication to compare notes on their respective legal strategies,
separate from APD, so that APD doesn't become more of a target.  We can
figure out who each other are from a perusal of the archives.  Our
colleagues have already requested that we refrain from discussing such thing
here, and it doesn't show any respect for their welfare to have digests that
are full of nothing but discussion of this case.  Once again, please
reconsider the harm you may be doing to this community by using this
particular forum for discussing this particular issue.  Thanks,