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Re: Posting Opinions of Vendors

I agree that unfounded complaints should not be posted.  If I think I
am reading an unfounded complaint, I just skip to the next message.  I
agree also that APD is not a proper place for "vengeance" against any
vendors whose performance has not been acceptable to the poster.

But I think it's great that APD readers and posters can share info
about their experiences and opinions re various vendors.  It is helpful
to learn about vendors.  I doubt that the APD users are so foolish as
to base purchasing decisions entirely on just a few postings, whether
flattering or unflattering towards the vendor.  But getting info from a
variety of sources, including APD users, can help suggest new vendors
and help to confirm other sources of info.

As an example, I had heard about Big Al's before reading APD postings
about that vendor.  But I did not try that vendor until I read several
good postings, which suggested to me, but not necessarily to others,
that Big Al's was worth a try.  My first experience appeared at first
to not be what I had hoped.  I posted my opinion and later posted
several follow-ups revising my original opinion and adding additional
info.  A number of APD users told me that this info was helpful.

I have also avoided some vendors of whom I have heard many startlingly
bad opinions.  Sometimes these opinions come by word-of-mouth, by mail,
or by email.  

I hope APD readers continue to post their opinions and experiences re
vendors.  When, if ever, such postings are not, in my own opinion, in
good taste or helpful, I will ignore them and move on to the next
message.  All info can't be useful to all readers all of the time, but
that's why it's better to have lots of info available. . .and that's
one of the things about APD that makes valuable to me

Scott H.

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