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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1439


It sounds like your service provider has gone out of business.  The best you 
can hope for is to get your source files back, but even that might be
harder than it's worth.

I suggest that you start anew with a more reliable, established service.  
Depending on your needs and their policies, you might be able to get free
hosting from AOL, Yahoo, or the like, or you might be able to find a local 
source.  If you have money riding on this, I suggest that you don't hire 
amateurs or dilletantes.  Check references.

And, Dave, please don't use the word "lawsuit" here. <g>

Good luck!

<< ate: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 15:07:46 -0800
 From: "Dave Berryman" <dberryman7479 at mediaone_net>
 Subject: OT:  Internet question
 Sorry this is off topic but I need some advice.
 I own my own business and to cut corners I had one of those web page design
 schools make our web sight then they also host it.  The other day I found
 out that our web page was down so I tried to contact the school.  There web
 page is down also and there phones are disconnected. >>