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Re: Endcaps Waterproof?

Rich Patton asked about AH Supply 

> are the endcaps waterproof?

No, they are not.  No endcaps on the market are waterproof.  some claim
to be water resistant when new, but they harden with heat and age and
become less resistant to water overtime.  Some use rubber o-rings for a
seal and are subject to the same heat and aging.

No manufacturer, I believe, would willingly take on the liabilities
inherent in claiming their items to be waterproof.

Water resisitant sockets (called end caps by the more pretentious
manufacturers) are not really needed unless you are going to put your
lights over water with any glass tops.  Even then, their value is
questionable, imho.  Some of  the so-called water resistant sockets
have seals on the bulb side but nothing onthe side where the wires
enter the socket.

Scott H.

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