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Re:Where to mount ballasts for new hood

>From: mike heerman <triggerfish80 at go_com> wrote:

>I am building my own hood and am wondering where is the best place to put
>the ballasts...............
Mounting the ballasts under the tank not only has more wires coming up
behind the tank, but also puts a hear source under that tank that might
cause overheaing in the summer.  You want to keep the bulbs as cool as
possible to prolong their life, and having the ballasts under the hood,
next to the bulbs is not a good idea.  Not only is the heat from the
ballast bad for the bulbs, but also the heat from the bulbs may not be good
for the ballast.  The back of the hood sounds like the best place to me.  I
put my ballasts on top of the hood, but aesthetics plays no role in my hood

Paul Krombholz, in soggy central Mississippi, with a Nov. 27-29 storm total
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