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Where to mount ballasts for new hood

I am building my own hood and am wondering where is the best place to put the ballasts. My new tank is a 75 gallon. I have 2 ballasts each running 3 bulbs. I thought about mounting the ballasts below the tank but then there are more wires running up the back of the tank and under the hood and I want to have a clean a look as possible. I thought about mounting it under the hood but I'm not sure if I will have room due to the 6 bulbs. I'm also worried about heat buildup.
My last option is to mount the ballast directly to the back of the hood. It will stick out an inch but less heat will get into the tank. That will also keep most of the wires under the hood.

What would be the best option?  Also does humidity play a role on where to mount them.  I will use a cover glass except at the back where my cannister filter and CO2 runs into the tank.  Is it bad to have the ballast right above there.  

These are ballasts that run T-12 lights. I picked then up at a Western Extralite and I am using Chroma 50's.



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