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Re:Legal issues

Please forgive me if someone has posted this. It is from www.slahdot.org :

Masem writes: "According to this Newsbytes story (
http://www.newsbytes.com/news/01/172455.html ), a CA appeals court has
issued a ruling that says that typical messages posted to internet message
boards can not be considered as libel or slander, as they inheritently are
framed as opinions and not as statements of fact. The case stems from rather
negative comments posted by defendants about a computer reseller company on
the internet; the company sued for libelous comments; lower courts did
initially rule for the company, but the appeals court has overturned this.
While not every message posted in a public forum is safe, the court's
decision seems to convey that unless the message is framed as a form of
fact, then any message posted to a public internet forum should be
considered as opinion, and thus cannot be considered as a libelous comment."

Possible might have some relevance.

Bill Lynn