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Convention question and other convention info

I'm suggesting that convention goers NOT tell what goes on at the
convention. :-)  Heck even if you had a video of the talks you'd miss more
than 1/2 of the meeting.  After the talks, talking to other hobbyists,
putting a face on an email sig and finding out how to grow that impossible
plant is what this meeting is all about.  You can't really put that into
words, you have to experience it.  Any we haven't even started talking about
the trades and the plants at the Saturday silent auction.  I hope the
organizers will have a board set up so we can post trades/wants.  For those
of you that love/love to bug Dave Gomberg this is your chance to give him
grief in person.  He's really a very quiet person. :-)  Ok weelll but at
least a five minute conversation is worth a month of email's.  He had lots
of stuff for sale last time so if you are thinking about taking the CO2
plunge you can touch the merchandise.  I got my wonderful PC's last year
after being blinded by A&H's lights and reflectors last year.  You can also
see if Tom Barr really has bolbitis (along with it's fungus) growing out of
his shirtsleeves, or was that algae?  If you don't go this year there is
probably a good chance that you may never see Amano speak.  If you just
can't go this year start planning for next.  Start saving, find an APD
penpal to share a room with, figure out the ride or start shopping for that
great airfare.  Sell your plants, fish, body, whatever it takes :-) so you
can be at the next one!

Convention Alert**
** Charlene says that those of you that are on the fence - she needs your
reservations if you are planning on attending the banquet by this Friday!
She has to turn in the numbers to the caterer on Monday the 5th.  You can
pull the form off of the AGA site and fax it in.  423-265-8708.  See you

:Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 18:37:39 -0500
:From: Shireen Gonzaga <whimbrel at home_com>
:Subject: Convention question

:Some (many?) of us will be unable to attend the
:convention in TN. A question for those of you who
:will be there: is anyone willing to write updates,
:summarize talks, tell tales of marvelous plant
:adventures <snip, snip>