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Plants and cold water

I'm thinking about turning my 20 gallon tank into a cold water aquarium
-- probably goldfish.  There's only one gorgeous rosy barb and a
plecostamus in there right now, and I think the LFS will trade me a few
nice goldfish for the barb.  I know plecos and g.f. are not supposed to
cohabitate well, but I've never had any trouble with them in the same

This tank currently has sword plants (I think they are "Ozelot" but I
don't know) and java ferns (and duckweed and algae).  Will these plants
do OK if I turn the temperature down from the high 70's to the low 60's
(degrees F.)?  What other tough plants will grow well at lower
temperatures?  I know "jungle val" does well in a goldfish tank, but I
just don't like it.  I've got hard water, moderately bright lights, and
CO2 injection.  Thanks for any advice.

Best regards,