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RE: GW & UV Question

Tom Wood wrote:
"But also check the flow rating for the UV unit. The HOT is rated at 250
gph, with no media, so it is probably running at something less with the
micron cartridge. But still, it's a fast output and may be pushing the water
through the UV faster than the UV can work - it's a matter of contact time.
If the HOT is too much for the UV unit, put a "tee" in the line to the UV
and bleed off some of the flow - you can use a cheap plastic yard sprinkler
valve to control the amount of bleed. "
Thanks for the quick response Tom.  Actually, I already have a T in the
output line (I used the Bio-wheel connector output that comes with the HOT).
Flow through the UV seems to be roughly 1/3 that of the flow through the
normal output of the HOT.
As for giving it time, that is kind of what I thought.  Wont the Micron
cartridge clog and need to be cleaned in a day of running though?  Should
have ordered an extra!  
On another note, my plants look like they survived the 4 day blackout pretty
well -- my lilaeopsis and chain swords spread all over the place, and my red
temple and Ludwigia repens look better than ever.  My glosso and H (M)
micranthemoides didn't fair as well -- the hair algae on them died, but they
grew pretty tall and stringy.  They'll need some attention later.
Thanks again

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