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re: Milwaukee pH pen

Responding to Cavan's question about Milwaukee Instrument's pH pens, Dave 
>The monitors/controllers I have owned are American Marine (Pinpoint) and
>Milwaukee Instruments. The American Marine units are used a lot by folks
>keeping reefs. AM units are accurate and reliable. They have a readout to two
>places past the decimal point, such as 6.88, whereas the Milwaukee
>Instruments units have a readout to one point, as in 6.8.

Not exactly.  Milwaukee Instruments pH *meters* have a resolution 
(precision) of 0.01 units and an accuracy of +/- 0.01 or 0.02 units 
depending on whether the meter has manual (more accurate) or automatic 
temperature compensation and calibration.  You must be thinking only of the 
controllers, which do resolve to 0.1 units.  Mmmm...I take that back.  The 
continuous readout pH monitor also resolves to 0.1 units if I remember 

I have a Milwaukee Instruments pH meter, model TS-SM101, which is the 
manually calibrated model.  I like it much.  I've also used a Pinpoint 
meter.  I liked it as well.  AM Pinpoint is like Eheim; They have a 
well-deserved reputation for quality, but that does not mean there are not 
other options which are no less in quality.  I'll point out that the meter 
I have was $20 cheaper than the Pinpoint and is just as good when compared 
side-by-side, which I have done more than once.  Sure it's manual, but I've 
not found that to be a problem worth $20.  The *only* complaint I have 
about the Milwaukee meter is that it is lime green :P

Many cheap pens are junk.  But I'll reserve my opinion of Milwaukee's until 
I try one for myself.

And who cares what reef keepers do...they ain't got nothing on us aquatic 
gardeners ;)


Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net