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GW & UV Question

Quick question for the group -

I've been battling many types of algae and received much advice from the
group over the last few months... I had my first GW outbreak early this
month after cleaning my filter and pruning.  I did a 5 day blackout and
diatom filtration with a Magnum HOT w/ Vortex Diatom powder.  This didn't do
much -- most of the other algae looks dead though, so that is progress.  I
bought a Aquanetics 8 watt UV and hooked it up yesterday afternoon to the
output of the HOT (Micron cart. no diatom).  Its been running over night,
and I left it running when I left for work.  It didn't look like the water
was any clearer.

Now the question -- do I need to use something else to clear the water?  I
thought that once the algae was dead in the water column, the micron cart
was enough to take it out.  Do I need to use a flocculent too?

Advice appreciated.