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Mississippi Department of Agriculture

In order to prevent the introduction and spread within
the State of Mississippi of the destructive plant
eating apple snails of the family Ampullariidae which
can seriously affect ornamental and various other
types of nursery stock, as well as many other plants,
and in order to eradicate the apple snail were it to
be introduced, the Bureau of Plant Industry,
Mississippi Department of Agriculture has decided to
require all plants going into have a Phtosanitary
Export Certificate.  The States of California, Texas,
North Carolina, Florida and Hawaii will also need the
plants fumigated in a gas tight chamber with methyl
bromide. This Rule 39 went into effect August 22, 2001
and was Adopted September 4, 2001.

Our inspector with the Department of Agriculture in
Florida is hoping the new Rule will be overturned.  If
the People of Mississippi will call there State
Officials to complain maybe this could happen.


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